Medical Record Summary

Medical Records Summary

Medical record summarization has proven to be a boon to the healthcare industry. It is a method where large and tedious medical record data is analyzed, classified based on the information and service providers and then a review is given that is medico-legally authenticated. This is a simplified medical data from complicated medical record pages, that enables legal proceeding services, claim services and different healthcare services to process their services at a much quicker rate.

Using technology, the healthcare professionals, pharmacists and doctors review, arrange and interpret the data, that is simple to access and provides a date wise detailed view of the patient’s treatment.

Why medical record summarization?

A well-prepared medical record summary service saves time by organizing medical records in a very concise chronological manner facilitating simple assimilation.

This method has evidenced its advantages:

  • Better patient care.
  • Fast analysis of the massive medical data.
  • Time saved throughout accessing the medical data.
  • Less work and higher archival choices.
  • Increased quality of the source data because of multiple reviews.
  • Less man-hours and cost effective

Customization in Medical summarization

  • Medical Record summary
  • Reorganization of Medical Records in a chronological manner
  • Medical Record marker, Analytical Graphs and Hyper linking
  • Location Separation
  • Medical request outline
  • Provider Merging Service
  • Medical Keyword searching
  • Provider Identification

Benefits for MDS process

  • Easy data access.
  • Easy navigation through records
  • Eco-friendly approach involving less paperwork.
  • Hassle-free data storage.
  • Better patient care with instant query resolution.
  • Expidited legal proceeding method and quick claim settlement.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • More focus may be given for business development.
  • Customization and various summary options make the outline compatible with a given work approach of respective companies.