Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing services by call centre telemarketing businesses facilitate get your services or products delivered to your potential client. They comprises various call centre

Call Center Services

Our BPO (Business process Outsourcing) division is primarily involved with taking right care of your business processes in order that you'll direct your focus towards growth.

Data Entry & Extraction

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides efficient, expert data extraction services for a variety of business models. Our knowledgeable data extraction technicians are ready

Backend Process

Shri Misri understands that achieving an exceptional client experience at each point in the client journey isn't just about what happens in the front office.

Medical Record Summary

Medical record summarization has proven to be a boon to the health care industry. This can be a method where tedious medical record data is analyzed, classified based

Medical Transcription

Shri Misri handles numerous specialties while delivering 98.5%+ of accuracy with 12-24 hours guaranteed TAT. We keep Medical Transcriptionists up-to-date

General Transcription

Shri Misri is that the best within the field of providing general transcription solutions to its clients. Our team is well equipped to handle numerous speakers in recording.

Deposition Summary

Deposition summary services are an integral part of a trail and their relevance and accuracy are of paramount importance for they can change the course of the trail.

Demand Letter Draft

Demand letter draft services at Shri Misri Solutions help one party to promptly set across to persuade another party to resolve a legal dispute without a trial.